Today I took a Walk to Cry

Today I took a Walk to Cry

Today I took a walk just to cry

I cried for the pain I had seen
and for the pain I still felt

I cried because of the injustices
that I cannot make right

I cried for wounds so deep that they will never heal

I cried for scars left on the skin and on the soul

I cried in shame for the lies we share,
the ones we pretend are okay,
and the ones we deceive our self with by believe that none of the agony is
our fault.

I cried for those whose anguish follows them in all they do.

I cried for those whose nightmares cannot be comforted for they are real.

I cried for those who know nothing but terror,

And those who know nothing but brokenness – broken bodies, spirits and heart.

I cried alone…

I openly wept…

I fell to my knees

My shoulders shook.

I wanted to scream
to curse the world
To damn a society who allows such dismay to exist.

But I could only moan and sob.

There on my solitary walk in the woods tears streamed like a flowing river.

As I knew the would when I went on this walk just to cry.

And when I thought I had no more tears to shed I sat on the ground and saw in the distance a single flower.

A speck of yellow in the midst of the browns and grays of fallen pine straw and dead leaves.

And I shed another tear.

It was a tear of thanks for those who refuse to let those who suffer do so alone.

And another tear for the healers
and one for the peacemakers
and the counselors

And for those who comfort those who grieve.

For those whose mighty acts include wiping a brow, giving a sip of cold water to those who thirst, giving a warm embrace, and holding a trembling hand.

I wept in joy for those who stare evil in the face and proclaim your hate will not defeat my love.

For those who will not give up on the beloved community.

I cried for those who place semicolons where the world sees a period.

For those who make wholes in the darkness bringing light where there seemed to only be misery.

My souls anguish turned to grateful thanksgiving for those who rush towards the pain.

For those whose compassion heals shattered lives.

For those who don’t give up on the wounded and brokenhearted.

My heart was filled with awe for those who use the power of love to heal the world.

And finally, I was able to stand.

Cleansed and renewed by these waters; now able to raise my head high.

With new energy and joy, able to face life with faith, hope and love.

Clay Gunter