On the Border

“I am telling you they are coming for you

And not just you

But your child

It is eminent

If you stay your family will not survive.”

“But this is all I know.

This is all I have

How will we live

Where will we go

How will we get there

We are poor

Shall I go on foot

With my wife

With my small child

Travel through dust and heat

Through dangers and perils

I’d prefer we stay

This is my home

My language 

My food

My faith

My family

My home

This land is my home.”

“But if you stay you will not survive 


“And so we travel

We carry only what we can put on our backs

We move along

Suddenly becoming refugees

We are seen by most as less than human 

We baptize our steps through our tears 

Each footprint is a story of desperation 

Day after agonizing day

Night after harrowing night 

We move towards hope

We are forced to beg

We accept sleeping on the cold ground

Using outhouses or worse

Rationing all we have

Though we have heard stories of hope ahead

Finally we see the border

BUT it is closed

We pray for mercy

We plead for our lives”

But we are told 

“This land is closed  to you

We do not care

Your lives mean nothing

Joseph, Mary, Jesus

Return to Bethlehem”

Thank God Matthew’s gospel didn’t end like this.

Alas this is the story’s end for far too many.

Let those with ears hear and those with hearts offer compassion.

Clay Gunter